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On top of having the safest carpet cleaning in Redding CA, we also strive for doing the very best at every job and cut no corners. All while providing you the most thorough cleaning on the market. I love calling a company and getting the owner on the phone so much that I offer you the same. I know that fitting things into your schedule can be hectic, and that’s why we provide you with the ability to book a carpet cleaning on-line Redding. That’s right, now having a professional cleaner is faster, and easier than ever. Whether it’s booking a carpet cleaning in Redding, or booking a tile cleaning in Redding, we have you covered. Click here to see how easy it is.

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Why Choose GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Redding CA?

To us, keeping Redding green not only means having cleaning products that might be approved by the EPA, DFE, or having a Green Seal of Approval, it is about having the whole package:

Less Water

We use Citrus and Oxygen to clean your carpets in Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake.

We use Citrus and Oxygen to clean your carpets in Redding.

We use on average 10% of what other companies may use, which is not only better for the environment but is also safer, and doesn’t give a reason for you to have to worry about bacteria being shot down underneath your carpet and potentially causing unsafe, harmful mold and airborne pathogens.

Deep Cleaning

Our unique, all natural solution lifts stubborn stains from the base or your carpet which will break up whatever stubborn stains we might come in contact with. Then our machines work in conjunction with the stain lifting cleaning agents and come through like a magnet pulling all dirt and stains away from your carpet.

Fast Drying

Because of our revolutionary cleaning process of using multiple methods with custom tools and machines, we only need a light mist of cleaning solution to get the most thorough clean you will ever experience. We are usually able to get your floors dry within a couple of hours, which really depends on soiling conditions. However if you need a super quick dry because of guests coming over, or elderly, please let us know because we do have the ability to get bone dry within an hour, or even completely dry methods available.

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No Soapy Residue

At GreenWay we understand that it is impossible for anyone to get every ounce of cleaning solution left behind in your carpet fibers. Which means if someone uses sticky cleaning solutions to clean your carpets, there will be residue. Which means sticky carpet that attracts dirt and stains fast, and is harder to clean. Say Good Bye to sticky residue, and Hello to the Freshest, Softest, Carpet you will ever have.


We take every plastic, paper, or metal expenditures we can, normally more than twice a week to our local recycling plant. On the other end of the spectrum, we also print on recycled paper.

Custom Built Equipment

Getting carpets cleaned with less water and no harsh chemicals required years of testing and perfecting, and we assure you the results you will receive will be better than you’ve ever experienced. In most situations we use a mixture of methods and machines. Everything from live steam extraction to completely dry methods. You guessed it nothing we keep in our van or bring into your house is more powerful and extensively finely tuned. The owner is always improving and making endless fine tuning which in turn gives our loyal customers a truly customer experience.


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What do you need to do before GreenWay Carpet Cleaning gets to your home in Redding?

We get this question on almost every phone call, and we can understand why. It seems in the past when most people got their carpets cleaned it was always a big pain on your end. Whether it be preparing for the carpet cleaners or waiting for the carpets to dry. Since we use such less water when cleaning we are able to clean right up next to big, heavy furniture. So there is no need to put big foam blocks underneath them, and then when the carpets dry, you wont have to figure out how to get the blocks out from underneath the upholstery either. So as for the big items we can just clean around them. As for small items such as lamps, or small chairs we ask that those are removed before we get to your home. If you are unable to lift smaller items we will gladly help move them out of the way for the cleaning. Other than that just make sure any bigger derbies are off the carpet, or it does always help us if the carpets are vacuumed before we arrive in Redding.

How do you get rid of urine smell out of carpet?

Our little loved ones might try and be perfect pals, but as we know its impossible for anyone to be perfect, ( except for our mascot Earnie the pug of course. ) When urine is still wet is is an acid based liquid. The reason urine really starts to stink once it dries is because it dries to an ammonia salt crystal. So when urine comes out it has a low PH ( power of hydrogen, ) but once dries it has a very high PH. In order to neutralize something with a high PH you must use something with a low PH to help get it as close to the middle of the scale as possible. What we recommend is using white over the counter vinegar. Simply moisten the affected area with a light mist from a spray bottle and let it dry. Remember the urine in the carpet is usually 5 times as wide in the carpet pad than it is on the top of the carpet. So making sure you get the acid on as much of the urine as possible. Make sure and keep the acid away from any and all metals. Several applications of the this process are usually needed.

If you don’t have time or just want it done right away we have the ability of getting the urine smell neutralized right away, while also removing the urine underneath the carpet, even down to the carpet pad and sub-floor. The products that we use will work faster at neutralizing the salts as they have a higher rate of penetrability and more importantly have the ability to sanitize the effected carpet and padding. Removing the urine stain out of the carpet can also usually be removed as long as you have us out to your home as soon as possible. The reason the stain itself might become permanent is because the bacteria and ammonia combination can actually strip the carpet of its coloring and create a “bleaching” effect on the area while also “staining” the area yellow. The sooner we take care of the problem the better the chance we have of saving your carpet and pad. We will give you our honest, professional opinion at no charge. Some situations you will be better off replacing either the carpet, pad, or sub floor. Most situations we are able to work miracles, though sometimes it just makes more sense to just replace some parts of the pad or carpet instead of spending time and money with restoring the effected carpeted areas that have been damaged. Chances are we have done thousands of jobs and situations just like yours, so give us a call.

How do you get red synthetic dye ex: sports drinks, candy, candle wax, powdered “fruit” drinks out of carpet?  

Disclaimer: read the disclaimers on the chemicals you decide to use in this process, the chemicals and the process are dangerous and should always be performed with open windows and fans running. Proceed with caution because only you can be responsible for the safe use in your home. There are two known chemicals that will remove synthetic dyes out of carpet. The most commonly available item you can use is over the counter ammonia. The second item that most carpet cleaners will use is Sodium Metabisulfite, or a mixture of the two items. The bisulfite will work faster in most situations though it does cause more allergic reactions and is generally regarded as a harsher chemical especially with people who suffer from asthma. You apply a diluted solution with water and then place a damp towel over the spot. Place an iron over the towel and turn it to its lowest setting and check for stain transfer every 15 seconds. Be sure and keep the area well circulated and turn the iron off when the stain is done transferring to the towel. GreenWay is not responsible for any damages done to property or personal injury when using this method of stain removal.

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Next time you spill wax on the carpet, simply grab your iron an an old towel or other absorbent material. Place the towel over the wax, then the iron on top of the towel. Turn the iron on to its lowest setting and place it on the towel. Check it every 20 seconds and the wax will absorb up into the towel and away from your carpet. Using the steam function on the iron will also help. Keep moving the towel to a clean spot until it is all gone. Any more questions on stains feel free to call us. We will either walk you through it or come and help. Good luck!

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