An update to levels of cleaning service.

Posted by on June 14, 2016

At GreenWay we were at a time offering a more than one option when it came to cleaning floors, from tile, carpet, or even upholstery. We have noticed that even when a customer chooses a basic cleaning verses lets say a Carpet Cleaning in Redding CA Upholsterythorough cleaning. It at times ends up presenting a problem.
Is some of it perception?

Probably.. but! The deal is we want 100% satisfied customers, and if all are not, or some might feel like they didn’t end up getting as good a job as they had hoped. People end up feeling like they aren’t totally satisfied.

So even if we set the bar with one family member, the other may come home and think, “oh dang, it didn’t turn out that good.”

For now on we are only offering a couple of different options for our clients. These will not be divided by quality, nor in end results. They will just offer a slightly different style to fit different clients wants and needs on a person by person basis.

We are happy to offer different options to our clients when it comes to cleaning carpet, but for now only one way of doing tile and upholstery will be offered.

In the end we know this will end up helping our relationships with our clientele last longer.. if not forever.

Thanks again Redding CA for helping GreenWay stay on top of our game and always tweaking for the better.

Remember we only do business if it makes sense for both parties involved.

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