RedWood Sole a Redding CA shoe and clothing store for men!

Our friends over at RedWood Sole a clothing store and shoe store in Redding CA.

for  be sure and check them out as they are a locally owned store for dudes looking for something a little bit cooler than anywhere else in Redding CA. They are located at:

2209 Hilltop Dr.
Redding CA 96002

can also be reached on their facebook page at:


They’ve got some banging new kicks and clothes and some killer atmosphere. Some of the guys just might have a New York accent. The place feels great and the staff are there to help. Support your local Redding CA business.


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An update to levels of cleaning service.

At GreenWay we were at a time offering a more than one option when it came to cleaning floors, from tile, carpet, or even upholstery. We have noticed that even when a customer chooses a basic cleaning verses lets say a Carpet Cleaning in Redding CA Upholsterythorough cleaning. It at times ends up presenting a problem.
Is some of it perception?

Probably.. but! The deal is we want 100% satisfied customers, and if all are not, or some might feel like they didn’t end up getting as good a job as they had hoped. People end up feeling like they aren’t totally satisfied.

So even if we set the bar with one family member, the other may come home and think, “oh dang, it didn’t turn out that good.”

For now on we are only offering a couple of different options for our clients. These will not be divided by quality, nor in end results. They will just offer a slightly different style to fit different clients wants and needs on a person by person basis.

We are happy to offer different options to our clients when it comes to cleaning carpet, but for now only one way of doing tile and upholstery will be offered.

In the end we know this will end up helping our relationships with our clientele last longer.. if not forever.

Thanks again Redding CA for helping GreenWay stay on top of our game and always tweaking for the better.

Remember we only do business if it makes sense for both parties involved.

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GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Before or After Redding?

Is GreenWay Carpet Cleaning able to show before or after cleanings in Redding where others couldn’t?

Before and after Carpet Cleaners

A Carpet Cleaned in Redding

Our customers sure think so. And we will admit it is a very good feeling to be able to show our clients a new level of cleaners to the Redding California market. We are always trying our best to get the best results possible and are constantly improving our already fine tuned equipment.


Because we want our customers for life, not just a one time cleaning by Redding’s best carpet cleaners! We want to be able to offer a dryer, cleaner experience, unlike any cleaners you have experienced before.

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Carpet Cleaner in Redding CA for $79 ?

Can you really have a carpet cleaner for only $79 in Redding California?

Carpet Cleaner in Redding CA $79

Carpet Cleaners in Redding CA $79?


It is possible to get a professional cleaner in your house in Redding for under a hundred dollars. At GreenWay we really hoped to make it possible for some folks who normally would be stuck cleaning the carpet themselfs be able to to get a professional job for around the same price it costs to clean it themselfs.

Lets face it, it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do for a living. In this day and age time is the most precious thing we have. At GreenWay we are proud to be able to to help out in all possible ways. We think, creating a cleaner service at this starting pricepoint is a great way. And so far the response has been great.

Thanks again for all your coninued support and keeping us on speed dial.

Reddings CA carpet cleaners service at its best,


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Can Redding residents tell when its time for the cleaners carpet vs not cleaning carpet in CA?

Redding CA can you tell, has it had the cleaners come and give it a good cleaning or not?

When carpet gets dirty over a period of time sometimes we, ok everytime, we never notice how dirty the carpet gets and how much a good cleaner is needed till we call GreenWay Carpet Cleaning. We enjoy ( actually love ) the carpet cleaning service we provide to Redding so much we take pictures of the carpet all the time.

Are we obsesed with perfection? Or providing Redding with cleaners that go the extra mile?

Are Carpet Cleaners Redding clean or not?

Are Carpet Cleaners Redding clean or not?

Probably both! Being a carpet cleaner has so many benefits, and the biggest and most important is to have you, our customer smiling ear to ear. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to earn your business for life. We promice to always run our business like the golden rule of “treat others how you want to be treated.”

Thanks Again Redding CA!


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Redding CA Favorite Carpet Cleaners at the Lake Shasta

We wanted to capture one of Redding CA most amazing places. GreenWay Carpet Cleaning does everything we can to help keep Shata lake as full as possible. Though we do use some water in our unique combination cleaning we strive for using as little as possible! We really believe that if we continue even after the next coming El Ninio winter we are going to have we can save our beatiful Redding, all while not having to worry or… pay so much for water in the years to come.

Thanks again Redding for helping us do our part in preserving our water this year and the next. Your cleaning specialists at the GreenWay Carpet Cleaning located right hear in the most beautiful place in the world, our home.
PS Yes you can hear Earnie the Pug in the background!


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Your neglected Tile and Grout Redding CA!

Is your tile and grout cleaning the most neglected flooring in your Redding CA house?

Chances are you havent even thought about getting a professional cleaning of your tile. Rest assured your not alone! Because your tile and grout gets dirty so gradually you have probably forgot what it used to look like. The once loved contrast of bright, clean, grout against your tile is almost second to none.

 Tile Cleaning Redding CA

Tile Cleaning Redding CA

We are now doing free demo’s of how much of a difference we can make on your tile floors after a professional cleaning. We also offer our amazing sealing of the grout and tile. Which can be applied to any type of stone whether its Travertine, Marble, or Ceramic flooring we have you covered. The tile cleaning in this Redding CA house blew our client away, just wait till you see it in person!

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Redding CA Carnival with GreenWay Carpet Cleaners

Your GreenWay Carpet Cleaners atRedding CA Carnival.

Redding Carnival with GreenWay Carpet Cleaners
Redding Carnival with your GreenWay Carpet Cleaners

Can you imagine if this happened over your Redding CA carpet?

Well at least we know who we would call to clean the carpets right? Just another reason why we believe Redding is best place in the world to live. Most cities in California only get one county fair or maybe if they are lucky a city fair. We didn’t even have to wait till the fall either! My little nephew MIGHT have spilled some nacho “sauce” on his shirt. But rest assured GreenWay Carpet Cleaners was their.  One great GreenWay trick to cleaning most stains out of carpet or upholstery or… in this case shirts is, “soda water” or.. carbonated water. Most convince stores or stands will have a an option to just shoot out carbonated water without the syrup or sugar.  See ya our there, and thank you Redding CA.

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GreenWay Loves its Customers

[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Vicky Jenson” description=”GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Review” rev_name=”Customer Review” rev_body=”GreenWay carpet came to my home, and Charlie the owner came out and he is very meticulous, my carpet is spotless, he was very careful with my furniture, and I know I will call him to do my carpets again.” author=”Vicky Jenson” pubdate=”2015-04-06″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]


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Perfecting the Grilled Steak in Redding California!

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning has done it again! Here is a crucial tip which is sure to impress your friends, family, girlfriend, or local carpet cleaners while cooking steak.


Steak by: GreenWay Carpet Cleaners in Redding CA

Has GreenWay Carpet Cleaning found the most neglected part of a steak? I will let you asnwer that question after you try this steak grilling tip out. First things first, preheat that grill! Second and most important lets lock in those juices by placing it on its side length wise which also now gives you a full crust instead of just on the top and bottom you now have a nice crust all the way around it! Dont forget with steak you need to salt after cooking, not before. Otherwise you are going to have the much loved moisture get sucked out of it before its enjoyed. Also make sure and let it rest for at least five minutes before cutting into it. Good luck Redding California! Be sure and call your GreenWay Carpet Cleaners with any questions.

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