GreenWay Carpet Cleaners at the Sacramento River

Redding California’s favorite carpet cleaner at the Sacramento river!

Is their a better place to live in America? Redding CA’s carpet cleaner’s GreenWay think not! To us locals in Redding we think our water levels are very low, and they are compared to average. The amazing thing is that we still have access to more water than almost any city in the world. All in a climate that allows us grow anything from Redwood trees, orange, cactus, to Palm trees. At GreenWay Carpet Cleaning we do our best in conserving the amount of water we use everyday, all while your getting your carpets cleaner than anyone elsein your neighborhood. Remember carpet cleaners that dump their cleaning chemicals in your lawn or down your storm drain are hurting our rivers and lakes in a huge way! We will be releasing a more detailed reasoning why its such a big deal hear soon. Essentially it ends up killing fish and messes with the trout to salmon transformation.  Thanks for helping doing your part and supporting GreenWay Carpet Cleaners right here in the beautiful Redding CA.

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How can a Redding CA Carpet Cleaner do so much in a day?

A key component is staying as lean as possible while cleaning carpets.

One great way is to eat home cooked meals without taking to any excess weight, mostly fat, while still maintaining lean muscle mass.


Low Carb Meals by GreenWay Carpet Cleaning

If looking for a certain diet that can not only keep lean muscle, grow lean muscle with out the need of glycogen from carbs a sure fire bet is a low carb, high protein (especially foods such as eggs with high amounts of lutein) high fat diet.  The hardest thing in our opinion is finding foods to actually enjoy. Here we have zucchini that’s been hallowed with ham, mushrooms ( also high in vitamin D, ) and of course cheese. You can even add eggs to the mix and bacon, don’t be afraid to get creative Redding!

Bad joints run in my family. Though a stretched ankle ligament is what I am currently dealing with, (yes I do still clean carpets almost every day with a hurt ankle. ) Shredding down twenty pounds of not needed “storage” fat has my ankle saying thank you as that weight has been taken directly off my ankle. Stay tuned Redding for more from your favorite carpet cleaner in beautiful northern California.

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Summer, I mean Spring Carpet Cleaning Specials in Redding CA

Redding California is already heating up! Is it time for spring cleaning or summer cleaning?

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Mascott Earnie in Redding CA

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Mascot Earnie in Redding CA

We were able to get a nice used couch today looking close to new by getting it cleaned in outside Redding. Though our uniforms are black, which attracts the heat. It sure did feel like summer outside while getting this nice piece of upholstery done, right here in the beautiful northern California! It’s amazing how much pollen has been floating around isn’t it? We also do patio or outdoor upholstery cleaning too. We are now excepting iced treats as tips. Our mascot “worlds best pug” Earnie’s all ready for summer are you? If not feel free to give us a call with anything spring cleaning tips you need or if any help is needed we are about one week out on the schedule. Thanks again Redding!

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GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Presents The Best Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Thinking of trying the “Atkins” or “South Beach Diet?” Or do you or a loved one suffer from Celiac’s disease and need a change of pace? Or just want one of the best pizza crusts to serve your family in Redding CA?

Boy have I got a treat for you Redding! Though I rarely give out my exact recipe’s I think yall deserve at least some of the highlights. So I’m just gonna dive right into it.

Best Glueten Free Crust

Best Ketosis/Atkins/ Diet Pizza Recipe in Redding CA


1 Egg

1 Head of Cauliflower

1 Cup low moisture Cheese and seasoning to taste. Any Italian type spices such as oregano, rosemary, thyme, garlic, etc.

Take cauliflower and food process it till its about the size of rice. Preheat oven to 400F. Then boil it for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Strain in thin mesh strainer. Place in thin dish towel and squeeze as much water out as possible. I would even suggest spreading it as thin as possible on a dry wood cutting board or lay it out on more dry towels to dry even more. Then combine the cauliflower, eggs, and spices in a large mixing bowl. Kneed for 2 minutes or until fully mixed. Spread out mixture on parchment paper into desired pizza shape and place on thin baking pan. Back for 35 minutes. Now just top with your favorite sauce and toppings and back till cheese is melted and browned, maybe 10 minutes. Let me know what toppings you chose Redding California!

Best Ketosis Pizza Crust Recipe

Best Ketosis Pizza Crust Recipe

Pro Tip: After crust gets out of oven brush with fresh garlic and butter or OliveOil, MCT, Coconut, Peanut, or Olive Oil to amplify and compliment your pizza. For instance if your making a sweet Thai pizza then use peanut oil and fresh mint in the dough and maybe a Coconut oil brushed crust.

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More than Just a Carpet Cleaning Company in Redding CA

The majority of our time is spent in the field cleaning carpets of local Redding residents. But that isn’t all we do.

It is almost impossible not to have that sense of wonder here in Redding. What an amazing place to be able to drive 10 minutes past our last job of the day to end up in a place like a local lake or river. I had to grab GreenWay’s mascot Earnie before heading out to this great location at Whiskeytown Lake, Redding California. Take a look and give us your thoughts on how the lakes looking!

Another benefit at GreenWay Carpet Cleaning in Redding is that we use less water.

Yes we get your carpets or upholstery dryer than the rest, which makes returning to your carpet our upholstery an easy en devour, instead of a long process you have to pre plan for. We make things as easy as possible, say good by to stressful headaches and hello to a totally streamline process. We are hear to help.

The other huge thing this accomplishes is keeping our lakes and rivers fuller. Compared to most carpet cleaners we will use hundreds of gallons a week less than most others. Which in turn can help give us more “watering” days and keep our lakes and boats on the water.

Thanks again Redding!

Charlie King

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Carpet Cleaning in Redding California the GreenWay – Review – Vicky

Another Carpet Cleaned in Redding CA, and Another Great Review!

Here is an oldie but a goody! We were able to get Vicky’s 20 year old nylon carpets looking almost new.

The satisfaction of miracle carpet stain removal.

Not much feels better than being able to save someone money and making their day that much better. She thought she was going to have to replace her carpet, ( so we were her last hope. ) Sometimes the results even impress our technicians. Have no fear, we wont put pictures of your home all over the internet without first getting permission. As some customers are so happy they are even willing to give a video testimonial about the cleaning job. I am going to go ahead and let her do the rest of the talking, Thanks again Redding CA!


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Are Hardwoods Worth It?

Aren’t they gorgeous? the sound is nice and solid! A lot of people have fallen in love with hardwood and tile flooring over the past 10 years and, the are stylish!

There is a reason took over years ago and the housewives were SO in love with it.

Carpeting was a relief and a dream come true! Most people do consider the daily care the hard floors require when they decide to install them or restore them.Carpet-Cleaning-Redding-Mascott-and-Max

Hardwoods need to be dusted once or twice a daily or the dirt will scratch scratch them up and the dust bunnies will be rolling!!! Traffic areas need to be lightly polished weekly to keep all the small scratches and scrapes filled in so the dirt will not become embedded. Then there is the yearly stripping and waxing and buffing.
Another alternative is plastic wood look and pressed wood products. In warm climates many choose “carefree tile”. These alternative flooring products have their own maintenance issues such as expensive stripping and sealing nasty grout!
Bring on the carpet for me! Vacuuming three times a week and reasonably prices bi-annual carpet cleaning is enough for me. Spending 20 years as a hospital floor nurse made me choose and stick to comfortable carpeting at home.
My children never slipped down when running through the house. No one had a concussion hitting their heads on hard ceramic floors. We comfortably celebrated the weekend playing chess and watching movies on the floor and we will continue the tradition!

We are proudly carpet cleaning in Shasta County California
GreenWay Carpet Cleaning 2205 Hilltop Dr #166 Redding CA 96002 530.949.1736
© 2010 -2014 –  We Proudly service a 20 mile radius around Redding CA.
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Not My Best Friend

Most of us have someone we think of as our “best” friend – and they probably have four legs.

Be honest. They are the babies we love that don’t grow up. We feed them, pet them and provide them with the best we can afford. Whether the best friend is a lizard, a ferret or a cat, we just know they would never do THAT!

Over time though, it does not hurt to physically check (when they are not watching of course). The “off” or not quite fresh smell you are greeted with when you open the front door is probably the first clue that something is wrong. You can sniff around in corners and personal areas or just get a black light when it is darker in your home, and any urine stains will show up. If you do not have the inclination, call an efficient carpet cleaning company and they will gladly help you locate the problem areas.GreenWay Carpet Cleaning Cat Mess

The spots that are identified may require a special tool to make sure that not only the carpet is clean, but also that the carpet padding underneath is totally clean. There are natural cleaners available that will do a perfect job cleaning and disinfecting that
are child and “best friend” safe AND do not pollute!

Many of our friends are actually embarrassed by the smell themselves, but accidents do happen especially with smaller pets since they have shorter wait times. Don’t let your friend suffer with embarrassment. Checking on things and taking care of your home on a regular basis is the best plan.

Thanks Redding!

We are proudly carpet cleaning in Shasta County California
GreenWay Carpet Cleaning 2205 Hilltop Dr #166 Redding CA 96002 530.949.1736
© 2010 -2014 –  We Proudly service a 20 mile radius around Redding CA.
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Fall Is Around The Corner

Fall is around the corner in Redding CA

 Most of the summer swimming and traveling is over! Time for school and getting things ready for a new set of activities. Delivering children to school and practices will keep you busy enough for the season. There will be more time though spent inside doing homework, laundry and holiday projects.

Sundial Bridge Sunset Redding CA

Sundial Bridge Sunset Redding CA

This is a time to start fresh for the indoors. Blankets will need fluffing, vacation snow gear and clothing need to be made ready. Are there any stale, funky smells creeping out into your house? Many are summer season left-overs and some from putting out things for this exciting season.

To get the freshness of summer back into your home, start with some GOOD dusting and wiping everything down. Shine up the floors making sure to get the corner build-up to prevent molds. Schedule a thorough carpet cleaning that dries quickly every six months. Scrub shower tiles with potent mold and mildew busters or hire it done professionally using steam. You will be amazed how reasonably priced the job will be.

You will not have to live with funky smells nor be embarrassed when visitors stop by!

Thanks Redding!

We are proudly carpet cleaning in Shasta County California
GreenWay Carpet Cleaning 2205 Hilltop Dr #166 Redding CA 96002 530.949.1736
© 2010 -2014 –  We Proudly service a 20 mile radius around Redding CA.
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Eating Healthy in Redding California

Eating Healthy in Redding California

Being able to stay mentally focused and physically fit are two major components to a long day of work. Sometimes I find my self working from when I wake up till when I fall asleep. A major part of how I am able to keep moving all day is my super duper morning routine shake. Ever heard someone say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” Well I believe the popular saying is true. Loading up for the day in the morning also help wake you up with out the need of energy drinks or coffee. So here’s my kick to a good start!

Redding CA eating heathy

Some things you will need to get more energy in your week are:

1. Monkey Food = Great for muscle grouth and recovery from the potassium, fast burning carbohydrates

2. The darker the berry the better they are for you is the rule of thumb = fast burning carbohydrates, antioxidant, fiber

3. The best I can find are Cold Milled Flax Seed for  = fiber, protein, Omega 3 Acids, antioxidant

4. Some sort of  Oat = protein, fiber, slow burning carbohydrates, antioxidant

5. Ground Nuts =  protein, fiber

6. Almond, Cow, etc = protein, minerals

7. Whey, egg, pea, soy, etc. = protein, vitamins

I am glad I could share, you can always change up the protein powder with chocolate or vanilla  ( soy, hemp, pea, etc) , and at times I have added some shredded coconut flake, just to spice it up again. My favorite seasonal add on is dry  Pumpkin Pie Spice, which is usually cinnamon, ginger, and clove mixture. This will give you over 80 grams of Protein and will combine immediate energy and long term energy through out your day.

Thanks Redding!

We are proudly carpet cleaning in Shasta County California
GreenWay Carpet Cleaning 2205 Hilltop Dr #166 Redding CA 96002 530.949.1736
© 2010 -2014 –  We Proudly service a 20 mile radius around Redding CA.
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