Redding CA Carnival with GreenWay Carpet Cleaners

Posted by on April 9, 2015

Your GreenWay Carpet Cleaners atRedding CA Carnival.

Redding Carnival with GreenWay Carpet Cleaners
Redding Carnival with your GreenWay Carpet Cleaners

Can you imagine if this happened over your Redding CA carpet?

Well at least we know who we would call to clean the carpets right? Just another reason why we believe Redding is best place in the world to live. Most cities in California only get one county fair or maybe if they are lucky a city fair. We didn’t even have to wait till the fall either! My little nephew MIGHT have spilled some nacho “sauce” on his shirt. But rest assured GreenWay Carpet Cleaners was their.  One great GreenWay trick to cleaning most stains out of carpet or upholstery or… in this case shirts is, “soda water” or.. carbonated water. Most convince stores or stands will have a an option to just shoot out carbonated water without the syrup or sugar.  See ya our there, and thank you Redding CA.

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